Graphics & Media Lab was established as part of department of computational mathematics and cybernetics of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1998 and officially confirmed by dean order in 2002. The founder of laboratory was Prof. Yuri. M. Bayakovski, one of the pioneers of computer graphics in Russia and member of ACM Siggraph Computer Graphics Pioneers Club.

The main goals of laboratory are education and research in computer graphics, computer vision, image and video processing. Graphics & Media Lab is an active participant and one of the main organizers of annual interational conference GraphiCon (www.graphicon.ru), which is a leading conference on computer graphics and vision in Russia.

The head of laboratory is Dr. Anton S. Konushin.

Education in computer graphics in Lomonosov Moscow State University started in 1983. Since 1994 the course "Computer graphics" is mandatory for all students of department of computational mathematics and cybernetics. Currently members of our lab also teach several courses: "Introduction in computer vision", "Topics in computer vision", "Photorealistic image synthesis", "Video processing and compression", "Introduction to medical image analysis".

We also have three dedicated research groups: Computer vision group, led by Dr. Anton S. Konushin, Computer graphics group, led by Dr. Alexey V. Ignatenko, and Video group, led by Dr. Dmitriy S. Vatolin.

Research is currently supported by Intel, Microsoft Research, grants by Russian fund for basic research (RFBR), grants of the President of Russian Federation, state contracts, etc.