Graphics and Media Lab (GML) was established in 2002 as a part of Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Laboratory possesses solid research experience in many areas of computer graphics, computer vision, image and video processing. Research is supported by Russian fund for basic research, state contracts, and by international companies Intel, Microsoft, Samsung.



Two of our graduates won Graduate Qualification Thesis Contest 2017 and their thesis were included into "Collection of abstracts of the best final qualification works of CMC MSU 2017":

  • "Detection of vertical camera position mismatch in stereo video", A. Anzina, 2 place
  • "Neural network model for human pose estimation", I. Petrov, 3 place

Congratulations to Alexandra and Ilya!


Вчера, 1 марта 2017 года, учёный совет ВМК МГУ одобрил создание новой магистерской программы "Компьютерное зрение, графика и обработка изображений". Перый набор открывается летом этого 2017 года. Программа разработана сотрудниками лаборатории компьютерной графики и мультимедиа (кафедра АСВК) и лаборатории математических методов обработки изображений (кафедра МФ). Руководители программы - профессор А.С. Крылов и доцент А.С. Конушин.


The article "Multilayer semi-transparent edge processing for depth image based rendering" by Erofeev Mikhail was recognized as best at the International Conference on 3D Imaging in Liege, Belgium. The work presents the first of its kind multi layer algorithm of video matting, which allows to significantly improve precision of processing non-trivial scenes by the possibility of processing object overlaps in camera projection. Congratulations to Mikhail.


Olga Senyukova has won the Grant of President of Russian Federation for young scientists with her project "Research and development of algorithms for automatic analysis of cardiological data". ( List of winners in computer science for 2017). We congratulate Olga with this significant achievement!


6 июня успешно защитили свои дипломные работы все студенты четвертого курса лаборатории компьютерной графики и мультимедиа. 11 "отлично", 3 "хорошо" и 4 работы рекомендованы на конкурс выпускных квалификационных работ факультета ВМК МГУ. Поздравляем наших студентов!


For the recent 8 years our lab carries out research on stereoscopic films’ quality analysis and improvement. In February 2016 head of video group Dr. Vatolin gave a talk at the oldest and the largest conference on stereoscopic imagery — Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference in San-Francisco. The talk was devoted to unique and interesting project.


We cogratulate our former PhD student, Maxim Feduykov, who has successfully defended his PhD thesis today, March 29, 2016! The topic was "Methods of 3D human head modeling from images for virtual reality systems". The defense has taken place in M.V. Keldysh Research Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Science. Scientific advisors Yuri M. Bayakovsky and Anton S. Konushin. Maxim finished phd program in 2009, but has continued his research until this successful end!


The annual Microsoft Research Summer School will take place in Kazan, Russia, from July 17 to 24, 2016. Qualified candidates should complete their applications and submit them by April 18, 2016. The topic of this school is Internet of Things. Besides introductory courses, a wide range of issues will be covered, from user experience design and adoption of the application's behavior depending on the data from a set of different sensors to the specifics of designing applications suitable for energy-efficient and wireless signal interference robustness scenarios.