Building panorama image from video

Contact person: Dmitriy S. Vatolin (

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

Filter is intended for reconstructing panorama of scene by movie. The output of the filter is a picture that contains all the scene. The work of MSU Panorama is based on motion vectors. Therefore its performance exceeds 30 fps, which is very good result.

MSU Panorama has two processing modes:

  • mode 1 - every frame is displayed on the panorama entirely;
  • mode 2 - only previously undefined area of panorama is filled.

The results of MSU Panorama in these two modes are presented further.


The picture below demonstrates the results of panorama construction for stefan movie.

Example of panorama for ''stefan'' movie
full size image

One more example of MSU Panorama for two processing modes.

Example of panorama for ''bus'' movie
full size image

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