Lossless Video Compression (MSU Lossless Video Codec)

Contact person: Dmitriy S. Vatolin (dmitriy@graphics.cs.msu.ru)

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

Giving the best compression ratio in the lossless video compression field

This codec is intended for lossless video compression (used for saving master copies or intermediate rendering results).

Several codecs compression ratio comparison

We've compared results of proposed algorithm with other available codecs results. The comparison was made mostly on classic sequences frequently used for codecs comparisons, their descriptions are given below. Also we added two sequences ms2.avi and ms32.avi taken from "The Matrix: Reloaded" movie passed through DivX.

Codecs used for the comparison:

The comparison was made in RGB and YUV color spaces because usually models used by codecs and their efficiency differ a lot depending on the color space. Also, not all of the codecs support YUV though it usually gives a better compression.
As seen from the graphs below, MSU Lossless Video Codec gives the best result compared to all of the available codecs.


MSU Lossless video codec version 0.6.0 from 19.09.2005

MSU Lossless video codec 0.6.0, EXE installer (157kb)
MSU Lossless video codec 0.6.0, EXE installer in ZIP (for some firewalls) (126kb)

Known problems:

  • Behaves bad if you abort compression in VDub.
  • (Please let us know if any problems!)