Automatic fixing of shifted fields in video

Contact person: Dmitriy S. Vatolin (

MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

It is a free AviSynth filter for fixing situation when odd and even lines of source frame are placed in alternate output frames and other similar problems. The interlacing problem often occures during movie capture, when odd lines of one frame are recorded later than the even lines. In the films after PAL->NTSC conversion there is another problem: in two neighbour frames odd lines are equal and even are different. The main idea of this filter is searching for the optimal line's position for the given frame. If this position exists, optimal odd lines are placed into the current frame, otherwise (for example when odd lines field is located in one frame after even lines, and we are in the last frame) the odd field is interpolated, or no changes are done (behavior depends on filter's settings). Applying MSU FieldShiftFixer to sequence, visual video quality is improved, and compression and denoising processes give better results.


Let's consider the filter results on the test sequence "4msu2_25.avi"

source frame from 4msu2_25.avi after the filter

Comparison with a deinterlace filter

after a deinterlace filter fter MSU FieldShiftFixer filter

On these two pictures you can see that after applying deinterlace filter to a sequence a lot of details (especially horizontal) are not reconstructed as compared with this filter.


Filter for AviSynth 2.0 and 2.5. File size 37 KB (in ZIP)
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