3D file system

Contact person: Alexey V. Ignatenko (ignatenko@graphics.cs.msu.ru)

Visualization of data, despite of visualizing results of scientific researches has goal to represent abstract data, that may do not have natural conception. This data may be extremely complex, containig huge ammount of elements, drawn up by some hierarchy, or without any structure at all. Diffirent visualization systems have several main goals:

  1. Efficiently use finite screen space;
  2. Provide easy understandable metaphor for data and structure;
  3. Provide handy navigaton through the data

Project description

Main goal of this project was to create new alternative 3-dimensional representation for structure of file system.

Main feature of developed representation is that it designed for visualize hierarchy of file system but no files. Previous works have shown that huge file lists dramatically overload representation without giving information of folders structure that is being used for navigation. In this system we show files (independent from their number and sizes) as one special object. If user got interested in files of some folder, he can select object representing files and watch them in “regular” 2D list.

Another feature is ability of visualizing different folders using different representations at one time. Preceding works used one universal representation for all cases of hierarchy. But as everything universal is a kind of compromise, we offer user to select representation more suitable for each kind of folder structure.

Below there are two developed visualizations for file system data:

Platforms visulization.

Nested cubes visualization.


  • Vladimir Borisov