Age Estimation Using Additional Unlabeled Face Images

ЗаголовокAge Estimation Using Additional Unlabeled Face Images
Тип публикацииConference Paper
Год публикации2010
АвторыLukina T, Konushin V
Refereed DesignationUnknown
Язык публикацииEnglish
Ключевые словаAge estimation, Face classification, Local Binary Pattern, machine learning

Automatic age estimation from face images is an important and actual problem due to its practical significance. Among all existing methods, the best results are achieved by methods based on machine learning algorithms. In such algorithms training set size has a strong influence on error rate. In this paper we propose a way to increase training set size by adding unlabeled pairs of photos of the same person. The only application restriction is that photos within each pair must be taken with insignificant time difference so that the person’s age on both photos is approximately equal. Most face recognition databases meet this condition and enable age estimation rate improvement.

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