Распознавание изображений и машинное обучение

Конактное лицо: Конушин А. С. (ktosh@graphics.cs.msu.ru)


Skin detector
GML AdaBoost Matlab Toolbox
This project is devoted to create an easy and convenient Matlab based toolbox for investigations of AdaBoost based machine learning algorithms.
GML Balanced On-line Learning Toolkit
Balanced On-line Learning Toolkit is an open-source library that contains a set of on-line classifier interfaces and their implementations.
Modest Adaboost
This project was devoted to investigation of modern classification techniques and their possible application to computer vision tasks.
Avoiding Boosting Overfitting by Removing "Confusing Samples"
Boosting methods are known to exhibit noticeable overfitting on some real world datasets, while being immune to overfitting on other ones. In this project we consider the case of overlapping class distributions and show that standard boosting algorithms based on minimization of average loss are not appropriate in this case and this inadequateness is the major source of boosting overfitting on real world data.