Face recognition and classification

Contact person: Anton S. Konushin (ktosh@graphics.cs.msu.ru)

Face classification has a large range of practical applications. By estimating of such attributes as gender, age, ethnicity, facial hair style, one can improve person re-identification performance in video surveillance footage, accuracy of visual search in image datasets, perform demographic analysis of digital signage viewers. Despite more than 20 years of research face classification is still an open problem.



This work is partillay supported by grant RFBR 14-01-00849 "People detection, tracking and annotation in video streams" (2014-2016), grant RFBR 11-01-00957-а "Video-based person analysis algorithms for smart interfaces" (2011-2013) and grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the young scientists МК-4644.2012.9 "Content-based search in video archives".