Anastasia Antsiferova


I received my bachelor's and master's degrees at the Moscow State University in 2016 and 2018.

Research Interests

  • Video codecs analysis and tuning
  • S3D video quality estimation

Participated in projects: MSU VQMT3D (development of a metric for estimating viewers' discomfort after watching stereo films), MSU Video Codecs Comparisons (the most famous comparison of video codecs), Effective Video Transcoding (optimization of video encoding parameters). Received 3 grants for projects commercialization. I manage a business group for the development of the commercial component of scientific projects. Supervised students' scientific work: assessing the visibility of stereoscopic distortions in different frame areas, developing a method for creating salience maps, creating a method for detecting scene changes, "hacking" VMAF video quality metric. I am interested in film photography, swimming, rock climbing.