GML Matting

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GML Matting

GML Matting is now part of the GrowCut project. Please visit its web-site:


Downloads of older versions have been removed in favor of GrowCut. Download it here:

The plugin uses Intel OpenCV library available under BSD license.


01.09.2010 GrowCut 3.0

  • GML Matting is merged into GrowCut
  • Improved user interface look
  • GrowCut framework for faster creation of the initial markup instead of manually tracing the boundary with Edge Highlighter
  • Undo/Redo functionality
  • Edge Highlight Lasso tool
  • Improved matting algorithm with adjustable smoothness
  • Output into Layer Mask instead of alpha-channel
  • Partial support for 16-bit and 32-bit images (matting algorithm is still 8-bit and downgrades the color-depth in fuzzy areas, but opaque areas retain their original color)
  • Some minor bugs and memory limitations are fixed

22.01.2008 v.0.3 GML Matting

  • Hierarchical processing for speed up on large images.
  • Additional refinement tools (contrast, blur, smudge) that work on opacity channel optionally recalculating color channels (like soft brushes).

29.08.2007 v.0.21 GML Matting

  • Fixed failure in older versions of Paint Shop Pro (namely 7.0)

29.03.2007 v.0.2 GML Matting

  • Small fixes, beta status removed

28.02.2007 v.0.2 (beta) GML Matting

  • Soft brushes for result refinement
  • Output to Layer Mask
  • Applications without opacity channel are now supported
  • Plugin crash fixed
  • Minor bug fixes and interface improvements

01.12.2006 v.0.1 GML Matting

  • Installer updated (the plugin itself is unchanged):
  • Missing MFC DLLs included
  • Minor installer bugs fixed

08.11.2006 v.0.1 GML Matting

  • First release


GML Matting is FREEWARE plugin for Adobe® Photoshop® and compatible applications. GML Matting is a cutout tool to help separate object from background. Interface of the plugin is similar to that of Photoshop Extract utility while the algorithm used usually produces better result. For Paint Shop Pro users it can become the essential matting plugin since Paint Shop Pro has no built-in matte extraction functionality.

GML Matting uses color statistics obtained from user-specified trimap and produces alpha matte as well as restored foreground color. Its result is stored in current layer's color and alpha channels.


Examples of original photos (left) and extracted objects composited onto a checkerboard pattern (right):


1. Microsoft Windows operating system.
2. Any program which supports Adobe Photoshop's filter (.8bf) plug-ins (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.).