Alexey A. Fedorov

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Research Interests

PhD Thesis: Research and development of algorithms for the automatic evaluation of the quality and correction of the three-dimensional video

Scholarships and grants

  • Grant U.M.N.I.K, "The development of automatic method for determining the order of views in 3D video" (2014-2016)
Video Matting Benchmark
Video Quality Measurement Tool 3D

Selected publications

Gitman Y, Erofeev M, Vatolin D, Bolshakov A, Fedorov A. Semiautomatic Visual-Attention Modeling and Its Application to Video Compression. In: IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2014 (ICIP 2014). Paris, France; 2014. Abstract
Vatolin D, Erofeev M, Zachesov A, Sumin D, Akimov D, Fedorov A. TESTING METHODS FOR 3D CONTENT VIEWING DEVICES. In: Sixth International Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics for Consumer Electronics.; 2012.