Anton S. Konushin

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I am an associate professor and head of Graphics & Media Lab, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics , Lomonosov Moscow State University.

I'am also an associate professor in National Research University Higher School of Economics.

I recieved my Ph.D. from Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Science in 2005. I joined Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2005. Since 2010 I'm also a lecturer in Yandex school for data analysis. In 2014 I joined National Research University Higher School of Economics.

I’m also a scientific consultant in "Video Analysis Technologies" LLC , which is a resident of Skolkovo IT cluster.

Research Interests

  • computer vision
  • video surveillance
  • image-based 3D modeling
  • semantic analysis of images and 3D point clouds

PhD Thesis: Automatic reconstruction of 3D models from image sequences


Current funding:

  • Contract RPD#1053945 "Computer Vision Collaborative Research in Russia" with Microsoft Research Ltd (UK). PI Anton Konushin and Dmitriy Vetrov. 2014. (Joint project with Bayesian group of CMC MSU)
  • Grant RFBR 14-01-00849 "People detection, tracking and annotation in video streams". PI Anton Konushin, 2014-2016.
  • Contract «Brains, Minds, Machines». Appendix A1 to Joint Laboratory Agreement №081-R between Skoltech and MSU. PI. Kaplan A. (Joint project with Biology department of MSU and RSHU). 2014-2015
  • Contract «Machine Learning for Big Data». Appendix A2 to Joint Laboratory Agreement №081-R between Skoltech and MSU. PI. Vorontsov K. (Joint project with MIPT).2014-2015
  • Grant RFBR 12-01-33085 "Learning probabilistic models for image recognition, scanning data processing, computer vision". PI Dmitriy Vetrov. 2013-2014. (Joint project with Bayesian group of CMC MSU)


Selected publications

Moiseyev B, Konev A, Chigorin A, Konushin A. Evaluation of Traffic Sign Recognition Methods Trained on Synthetically Generated Data. In: Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (Springer LNCS, Vol. 8192).; 2013. p. 576-83.
Chigorin A, Konushin A. A system for large-scale automatic traffic sign recognition and mapping. In: CMRT13 – City Models, Roads and Traffic 2013 (ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Vol. II-3/W3).; 2013. p. 13-7.
Sindeyev M, Konushin A, Rother C. Alpha-flow for video matting. In: ACCV 2012 (Springer LNCS, Vol. 7726).; 2012. p. 438-52.
Barinova O, Shapovalov R, Sudakov S, Velizhev A, Konushin A. Efficient Road Mapping via Interactive Image Segmentation. In: Object Extraction for 3D City Models, Road Databases and Traffic Monitoring (CMRT). Vol XXXVIII.; 2009. Abstract
Bayakovskii YM, Levkovich-Maslyuk L, Ignatenko A, Konushin A, Timasov D, Zhirkov A, et al. Depth Image-Based represenations for static and animated 3D objects. In: IEEE 2002 International Conference on Image Processing. Rochester, New York; 2002. p. 25-8.

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