Dmitriy Kulikov


Dmitriy Kulikov graduated from the Applied Mathematics department of Moscow State University in 2005. He defended his Ph.D. thesis on computer graphics in 2009. I work in Graphics and Media Lab and have participated in several projects of the lab, including a project with Samsung, Intel, Real networks.

Most of my research focuses on video processing problems: logo and subtitle removal, denoising, brightness&contracts enhancement, color enhancement, etc.

Other topic of my research work was devoted video codec analysis. I was project head for most of MSU Video codec analysis projects since 2005.

Research Interests

  • Videocodec analysis
  • Image and video quality metrics
  • Video processing
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision

PhD Thesis: Методы маскирования искажений в видео потоке после сбоев в работе кодека

PhD. Associate professor at Dubna State University.
Here are the list of MSU Graphics&Media Lab projects in which I participated as a developer, team lead or project manager:
* H.264/H.265 Video Codecs Analysis (2006-present)
* Objective Video Quality Metrics analysis (2019-2020)
* Subjective Comparison of Video Codecs (2009-2020)
* Video Codec Scoring System (2009-2010)
* Video Codecs Analysis and Tuning (2007-2010)
* Image Restoration (2007-2008)
* Image and Video Inpainting (2007)
* Video Watermarking (2007)
* Grain-Degrain (2007)
* Global Brightness Enhancement and Features Increase Visibility for Low-Light Images (2006)
* Color Enhancement (2005-2007)
* Old Color Restoration (2005-2007)
* Subtitles Removal (2003-2005)
* Logo Removal (2003-2005)


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