Dmitriy S. Vatolin


Dmitriy Vatolin graduated from the Applied Mathematics department of Moscow State University in 1996. He defended his Ph.D. thesis on computer graphics in 2000. A co-author of a book on data compression (Russian), published in 2003. A co-founder of website — one of the biggest site on data compression and video processing in the world. From 2000 until 2006 took part in 5 start-up computer companies, in 3 as a co-founder, 4 of the companies are operating until now.

Research areas and some selected projects:

  • Video and data compression

    The most interesting projects:
    • MP3 ZIP - lossless compressor of MP3 files with 1.2 ratio
    • Visicron Cyclon codec - was the best for videoconferences streams during 2001-2004.
    • MSU Lossless Video Codec - was the best in 2005-2007
    • MSU annual H.264 codec comparisons
  • Video processing

    The most interesting projects:

    • Set of "MSU video filters" - research prototypes, tested with wide auditory (more than 3000000 downloads, strong feedback)
    • Deinterlacer, Frame Rate Conversion and other filters for Samsung TV-sets and Broadcom STB.
    • MSU Video Quality Metrics Tool - the biggest amount of video quality metrics, most was created during projects of self-tuning video filters

  • 3D video

    The most interesting projects:

    • Depth from Motion, Focus, Effects and Geometry - set of semi-automatic tools for fast depth reconstruction
    • Depth Propagation and depth editing - set of tools for accurate depth editing
    • Robust practical and fast GPU-accelerated Optical Flow
    • Stereo-multiview Generator with Matting and special occlusion processing
    • Stereo movies testing metrics (Focus mismatch, Color mismatch, Vertical parallax, Channels mismatch and etc).
    • 3D devices testing base

Research Interests

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