Videocodecs tuning

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Codec analysis

One of the main tasks during codec's development and tuning is evaluation of compressed video quality and measurements' data management. We test and develop video codecs of different types and standards for more than 5 years. Some of our publicly available codecs comparison reports are located and can be freely downloaded from MSU videocodecs comparison webpage.

Sample x264 parameters analysis

x264 is a freeware codec of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 standard. A number of codec comparisons including our own show that x264 currently is one of the best H.264 codecs.

We made a comparison of different presets of x264. More than 70 various presets of x264 were tested. Results of performed testing and analysis clearly show strong and weak places of the codec. These results may be of interest to professional users of this codec. Also such results are of considerable help for codec's tuning and improvement.

Comparison report will be soon available for free download.

Example of x264 parameters analysis

x264 improvement

Another our project related with x264 codec is analysis and improvement of codec's initial parameters. We have measured dependencies between overall codec's visual quality and its initial parameters. This information made us capable to find a better initial parameter’s selection. As a result, encoded video quality in the beginning of a sequence was improved.

More details can be found on MSU improvement of x264 page.

x264 codec improvemen