Results of the project “3D films without pain” were widely discussed in mass media

For the recent 8 years our lab carries out research on stereoscopic films’ quality analysis and improvement. In February 2016 head of video group Dr. Vatolin gave a talk at the oldest and the largest conference on stereoscopic imagery — Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference in San-Francisco. The talk was devoted to unique and interesting project. For the first time ever 105  Blu-Ray films were analysed with 10 quality metrics. The analysis revealed main industry trends.Thousands of scenes that can potentially cause headache were found. 100+ stereoscopic movies quality analysis results were discussed.

Many Russian and international mass media wrote about this talk and VQMT3D project (more than 250 notes were published, including but not limited to: 29 Spanish, 6 Dutch, 2 Finish, 2 Vietnamien, 2 Polish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian). For example: TASS,, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Paris Guardian, Republica de las Ideas. The extended text was published by “Science and Life”.