How to join

Bachelor students

Currently only bachelor students from CMC MSU may join our lab. Our lab has four groups:

Every April each group chooses a small number (from 2 to 5) of interested students out of second year bachelor students (precise number of students varies from year to year). Two most important selection criteria are GPA (our students usually have GPA > 4) and strong results either in course or in practical project. If you would like to join our lab, please don't wait for April, start in September. Write a letter to prospective scientific advisors, know actual admission requirements (they may vary from advisor to advisor), participate in courses and projects.

Master students

Our lab is one of the organizers of "Computer vision, graphics and image processing" master program. Details of the program (in russian) are published on the CMC MSU integrated master program site. Strong math and programming skills, willingness to conduct research are required to successfully finish the program. Contact prospective scientific advisor before applying for program.

PhD students

Please contact prospective scientific advisor to know whether there are vacations for PhD students in his or her group.