Computer vision

Lecturers: Anton Konushin, Vlad Shakhuro

Course is dedicated to 2D computer vision methods. Program includes image formation process, image filtering, local features detection and matching, image retrieval, robust fitting methods, introduction to machine learning and deep learning, image categorization, object detection, image segmentation, optical flow estimation, background subtraction, object tracking, action recognition. Lectures are accompanied by seminars and practical tasks.The course is taught in Moscow State University and Yandex School of Data Analysis.

Video processing and compression

Lecturer: Dmitriy Vatolin

Computer graphics

Lecturer: Vladimir Frolov

Course program include human optical system, color and light modeling, basic image processing and analisis, basics of signal processing, rendering pipeline, OpenGL, introduction to shaders, global illumination, ray tracing and radiosity methods.

Introduction to medical image analysis

Lecturer: Olga Senyukova

This course is devoted to application of modern deep learning algorithms to medical image analysis tasks. Introductory lecture contains information about different kinds of medical imaging technologies, as well as overview of current challenges and practical applications of medical image analysis algorithms in Russia and in the world. The main part of the course includes theoretical and practical material on convolutional neural networks, especially U-Net and its modifications, GANs, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning and also general issues of working on medical image analysis projects. The course is accompanied by the practical task where the students are free in choosing the algorithms.