Dmitriy Vatolin

Senior Researcher, Head of Lab

Dmitriy Vatolin graduated from the Applied Mathematics department of Moscow State University in 1996. He defended his Ph.D. thesis on computer graphics in 2000. A co-author of a book on data compression (Russian), published in 2003. A co-founder of website — one of the biggest site on data compression and video processing in the world. From 2000 until 2006 took part in 5 start-up computer companies, in 3 as a co-founder, 4 of the companies are operating until now.

Research interests

Video and data compression

  • MP3 ZIP - lossless compressor of MP3 files with 1.2 ratio
  • Visicron Cyclon codec - was the best for videoconferences streams during 2001-2004.
  • MSU Lossless Video Codec - was the best in 2005-2007
  • MSU annual H.264 codec comparisons

Video processing

  • Set of "MSU video filters" - research prototypes, tested with wide auditory (more than 3000000 downloads, strong feedback)
  • Deinterlacer, Frame Rate Conversion and other filters for Samsung TV-sets and Broadcom STB.
  • MSU Video Quality Metrics Tool - the biggest amount of video quality metrics, most was created during projects of self-tuning video filters

3D video

  • Depth from Motion, Focus, Effects and Geometry - set of semi-automatic tools for fast depth reconstruction
  • Depth Propagation and depth editing - set of tools for accurate depth editing
  • Robust practical and fast GPU-accelerated Optical Flow
  • Stereo-multiview Generator with Matting and special occlusion processing
  • Stereo movies testing metrics (Focus mismatch, Color mismatch, Vertical parallax, Channels mismatch and etc).
  • 3D devices testing base


Recent Publications

  1. Hacking VMAF and VMAF NEG: vulnerability to different preprocessing methods. M. Siniukov, A. Antsiferova, D. Kulikov, D. Vatolin. ArXiv e-prints, 2021
  2. Machine-Learning-Based Method for Content-Adaptive Video Encoding. S. Zvezdakov, D. Kondranin, D. Vatolin. 2021 Picture Coding Symposium (PCS), 2021
  3. Objective video quality metrics application to video codecs comparisons: choosing the best for subjective quality estimation. A. Antsiferova, A. Yakovenko, N. Safonov, D. Kulikov, A. Gushin, D. Vatolin. ArXiv e-prints, 2021
  4. Power Consumption of Video-Decoders on Various Android Devices. R. Kazantsev, D. Vatolin. 2021 Picture Coding Symposium (PCS), 2021
  5. Shot boundary detection method based on a new extensive dataset and mixed features. A. Gushchin, A. Antsiferova, D. Vatolin. ArXiv e-prints, 2021