Olga Senyukova

Associate professor

E-mail: olga.senyukova@graphics.cs.msu.ru

Istina profile

Research Interests:

  • computer vision
  • machine learning
  • biomedical image analysis

I am an assistant professor of the department of Computing Systems and Automation, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Currently my group has a joint work with Diagnostics and Telemedicine Center of the Moscow Health Care Department and also with international research group. My scientific interests include but are not limited to computer vision and machine learning in disease diagnostics, prediction of MRI hardware failures, development of personalized medicine therapies.

PhD Thesis: Algorithms for semantic segmentation and classification of low-dimensional biomedical signals based on machine learning


Selected Publications

  1. Discovery of Hybrid Ensemble Models Resilient to Input Resolution Deterioration. Y. Zheniy, R. Miao, V. Gavrishchaka, O. Senyukova. 2021 4th International Conference on Information and Computer Technologies (ICICT), 2021
  2. Synergy of physics-based reasoning and machine learning in biomedical applications: towards unlimited deep learning with limited data. V. Gavrishchaka, O. Senyukova, M. Koepke. ADVANCES IN PHYSICS-X, 2019
  3. Automated Diagnostic Model Based on Isoline Map Analysis of Myocardial Tissue Structure. O. Senyukova, D. Brotikovskaya, S. Gorokhova, E. Tebenkova. Computational Intelligence, 9th International Joint Conference, IJCCI 2017 Funchal-Madeira, Portugal, November 1-3, 2017 Revised Selected Papers, 2019
  4. Fast Brain MRI Registration with Automatic Landmark Detection Using a Single Template Image. O. Senyukova, D. Zobnin. Pattern Recognition (37th German Conference, GCPR 2015, Aachen, Germany, October 7–10, 2015, Proceedings), 2015
  5. Segmentation of Blurred Objects by Classification of Isolabel Contours. O. Senyukova. Pattern Recognition, 2014